a few words about jugular


JUGULAR, Inc. is a leading formulator and producer of performance beverage products for professional and amateur athletes. 

JUGULAR was founded in Huntington Beach, California in 1996. JUGULAR produces and markets products including JUGULAR Performance Drink, JUGULAR Energy Gel, Shamrock Slam, and more.

JUGULAR has been an active sponsor of X-treme sports starting with Team JUGULAR Street Luge and Downhill Skateboarding Team, winners of gold medals at the 1999 Inaugural Gravity Games on NBC Sports in Providence, Rhode Island. In 2000, Team JUGULAR swept the competition at the Japanese Core Extreme Games. Team JUGULAR was an unstoppable force at the X-Games, winning medals every year in both the Street Luge and Downhill Skateboarding competitions.

These impressive performances inspired the world’s first Street Luge video game, Activision’s “JUGULAR Street Luge Racing”. Team JUGULAR was featured in an IMAX film “Ultimate X” and in the HBO Special, “Xtreme Sports to Die For”.

In 2007, JUGULAR set its sights on the NASCAR world, winning the title of “Rookie of the Year” in the NASCAR Whelen All-American Series with driver Jeff Melton in the JUGULAR car.

Today JUGULAR is an active sponsor in the exciting world of mixed martial arts with the help of strategic partners Revolution Fight Club & White Chocolate Management. JUGULAR has sponsored MMA fighters including Zelg Galesic, Tyson Jeffries, Josh Shockely, and JJ Ambrose. JUGULAR has also partnered with the legendary MMA Champion Ken Shamrock to produce the only drink formulated to his exact specifications.

What we offer

1Great tasting performance drinks that are good for you.
Jugular drinks don’t just provide energy, they promote fitness with Branch Chain Amino Acids and just five calories.
2Signature drinks from some of sport’s ultimate performers.
Enjoy drinks made to the specifications of legendary champions like Ken Shamrock.
3High-energy, maximum fitness, ultimate performance lifestyle.
Show the world you Go For The Jugular with Jugular performance merchandise.

our team

  • Ken Shamrock
    Ken Shamrock is one of the most widely recognized MMA fighters in the world. He is a legendary American Mixed...
  • Zelg Galesic
    Zelg Galešić is a Croatian mixed martial artist who competes in the Light Heavyweight division. He has previously fought for...
  • Tyson Jeffries
    Tyson Jeffries, “The Antihero,” is an mixed martial arts fighter out of Jugular’s home town of Huntington Beach, California....
  • Josh Shockley
    Josh Shockley is a 6′ 1″ mixed martial artist from Lake Station, Indiana who started fighting professionally at the age...
  • JJ Ambrose
    J.J. Ambrose (born February 6, 1987) is an American mixed martial artist currently competing in Bellator’s Lightweight division. He has...