Jugular Pain Fighter

Jugular PainFighter is a topical pain relief formulation which has taken over 11 years to perfect. A super concentration of botanicals designed specifically for pain management to be used by athletes, seniors as well as children. Within 15 minutes of application it provides relief of pain and will last up to 8 hours.

For those with chronic pain we recommend maintenance applications 1-hour prior to going to sleep and then reapplication in the morning prior to any movement of the ailing joints and muscles. This product has a cumulative effect, so the more you use it the better it works.

Our proprietary blend provides the following:

  •  Analgesic
  • Anti-inflammatory
  • Anti rheumatic – prevents and/or relieves chronic rheumatic pain and swelling
  • Antiseptic – assists in fighting germs/infections
  • Antispasmodic – relieves spasms and cramps, detoxifying
  • Generates localized increase in blood flow and circulation by irritation of skin, will often reduce pain and swelling for a cold, constricted area.
  • Stimulant

Our proprietary blend of oils is helpful to reduce the swelling while increasing blood flow and thus aiding to reduce the pain in swollen joints and muscles. This formula can be used in aromatherapy and is highly successful for fighting inflammations, muscle pains and rheumatic pains. The therapeutic pain reliever qualities are used as an analgesic, anti-rheumatic, antispasmodic. They also provide antiseptic and antibacterial properties and are Anti Microbial, Anti inflammatory, Anti fungal. Specific oils were also selected for muscle stiffness and for bolstering the nervous system.

Here are a just a few of the oils that we use in our proprietary blend;

Oleoresin capsicum: Capsicum works by depleting or interfering with substance P, a chemical involved in transmitting pain impulses to the brain. The properties of capsaicin make it an option for relieving pain since nerve cells communicate with one another through neurotransmitters. Substance P is one such neurotransmitter. It is a protein found in the brain and spinal cord, and is associated with some inflammatory processes in the joints. Its function is to cause pain.

Grapefruit Oil: Is helpful with rheumatic conditions where the joints feel warm and swollen, and a burning sensation accompanies the pain. This is also used for muscle fatigue and stiffness. It is valuable in cases of stress, depression and nervous exhaustion, as well as headaches. Grapefruit oil also has great benefits for the immune system.

Cinnamon Leaf: Cinnamon leaf oil is used for treatment of rheumatism, arthritis and general pains and has a calming effect on the nervous system, to help ease pain. Cinnamon appears to exhibit anti-inflammatory properties and therefore can reduce the pain and inflammation found in arthritic as well as muscular ailments. Note: cinnamon leaf should not be used by pregnant or lactating women while in these stages.

 Pomegranate Seed Oil: A new study from the University Of Michigan Medical School, published in the February 2006 Journal of Ethnopharmacology, shows that pomegranate seed oil stimulates keratinocyte proliferation, promoting regeneration of the epidermis. This study joins a growing body of research supporting the benefits of pomegranate seed oil as a skin treatment, including a 2003 South Dakota State University study published in the Journal of Medicinal Food that showed that a topical application of pomegranate seed oil significantly decreased the incidence of skin cancer in mice that had been exposed to cancer causing chemicals. Physicians in Greece prescribed pomegranate juice as a treatment for arthritis, circulation disorders, viruses, and digestive problems. Also provides full spectrum sun protection – to block UVA and UVB rays and Antioxidants – to neutralize damaging free radicals.

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