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Jugular Enters Into Licensing Agreement with Ken Shamrock
JUGULAR has entered into a licensing agreement with the legendary UFC Hall of Fame Inductee and former WWF Champion: Ken Shamrock. Under the terms of the agreement, JUGULAR, Inc. has an exclusive worldwide license to formulate, package, market, and distribute the company's planned "Shamrock Slam" performance drink for a period of 10 years with an...
Jugular Announces Endorsement of Ken Shamrock
JUGULAR, Inc. today announced that it has obtained the endorsement of legendary UFC Hall of Fame Inductee Ken Shamrock as well as an exclusive license to produce the upcoming "Shamrock Slam" TM performance drink. "Ken Shamrock is a global icon in the mixed martial arts and fitness industries.  I am very proud of this alliance and that he has chosen JUGULAR to...
Go For The Jugular
Check out the official Jugular music video. It features vocalist Tim Kuhn of Faster Than Fate along with drummer Brian Huggins. "Go For The Jugular" was written by Ian D.G. Bennett. Produced by D.G. Ian Bennett, John McColgan, Tim Kuhn, and Brian Huggins. [button text="Watch" style="default" link="/portfolio-view/go-for-the-jugular-video/" size="normal" target="_self" display="inline" icon="no"]...
Jugular Photo Shoot
What's hotter than a day in the desert? This Jugular photo shoot featuring hot Lotus cars and even hotter models. [button text="View" style="default" link="/portfolio-view/jugular-cars-girls/" size="normal" target="_self" display="inline" icon="no"]...

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